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    DjVu to PDF Conversion

    PDF format is pretty well-known nowadays. A PDF file is a document that usually contains some text. However, it can also contain links and images, and it might even be a full scan of a paper document. Since the 1990s, PDF has grown from a relatively obscure standard to the dominant method of sharing documents on the internet.

    Meanwhile, the DjVu format is basically the same thing. A team developed the format in the mid-90s as an open competitor to PDF. The team boasted that DjVu files could be compressed smaller than PDFs while still being of higher visual quality. It is also easier for document readers to render DjVu files.

    However, throughout the 2000s, PDFs became the gold standard for document sharing, while DjVu has faded more and more into the background.

    Why would you need to convert DjVu to PDF?

    Since PDF has become so popular, the vast majority of people do not save their documents in the DjVu format anymore. However, you might have an older DjVu file and need to open it. You could download a DjVu reader, but it might be easier to convert it to a PDF. This will allow you to open it in programs you already know and understand.

    Similarly, DjVu files were used by the Internet Archive for scanning public-domain books in order to make them freely available online. The Internet Archive ceased this practice in 2016, but there are still plenty of DjVu scans of books around. You may have found one of these and want to convert it to PDF so you can read it on your e-reader.

    How can you do a DjVu to PDF conversion?

    Converting between these two file formats is easy using our tool. You can convert as many files as you wish without needing to register, download any software, or deal with watermarks on your outputted files.

    To begin, upload between one and 20 DjVu files. You can either drag and drop the documents onto the “Drop Your Files Here” panel or hit the “UPLOAD FILES” button. Either way, your files will instantly begin to convert to PDFs.

    When a file is complete, a button will appear that says “DOWNLOAD”. A press of this button will download the converted PDF file. If you want to save time, however, you can wait until all conversions have finished and then hit the “DOWNLOAD ALL” button. This creates a ZIP archive with all your converted PDFs.

    Do you have more than 20 DjVu files? We can still help! After you’ve finished your first batch of 20 conversions, hit the “CLEAR QUEUE” button. This will allow you to start fresh with another batch. You can continue repeating these steps as much as you need.

    Is it safe to convert DjVu files to PDFs?

    Absolutely! Our tool is very safe and secure. Your DjVu files and the converted PDFs will be deleted from our server after 60 minutes. This ensures any private information you might have in those documents will stay private.

    Likewise, our tool preserves your original DjVu files. When you upload some data to our tool, our server makes a copy of that original. It then performs the conversion on the copy, leaving your original intact on your computer or mobile device.